Welcome to the official South African Instagramers community.
We are a group of passionate visual minded people in South Africa who are in love with capturing photos and videos of South Africa and sharing them through Instagram.


In February of 2013 Gareth Pon, with the help of other passionate Instagramers founded the official South African Instagramers community. This community has since grown to thousands of people who are daily using Instagram to showcase the beauty of South Africa.

The community is the only South African Instagram community that has international relationship & recognition. This community links up to the Instagramers community, a group people all over the world who are pioneering the culture of mobile photography and Instagram, you can find other igers communities all over the world. We have ManIgers in each local city who head up communities by organising instameets ongoingly and provide a platform for SA's Instagramers to meet, greet, create and gain local and international exposure through Instagram. Although we have a presence on Twitter and Facebook but we are mainly active on Instagram. Head over to our communities section to find igers in your city. It is also important to note that the Instagramers South Africa Community is not the official representation of Instagram in South Africa. Currently, Instagram does not yet have an official presence in Africa.




Instagramers or Igers is the largest International Instagram community in the world. Since Phil Gonzalez founded the Instagramers network it has continued to grow at a rapid rate. These communities all over the world are pioneering the culture of Instagram on an ongoing basis.


Check out the websites of the other cities around the world.

Argentina : Rio : Croatia : Cairo : London : France : Italy : Japan : Manila : Dansk : Portugal : Malmö : Switzerland : USA : Venezuela




There are local communities all over South Africa who meet on an ongoing basis and because we know you're frothing to come to the next Instameet we've listed all the community accounts, the Facebook links, Twitter profiles and the manIgers accounts who head up the communities.



Founded early in 2013, communities can be found in each major city in South Africa. These communities meet on an ongoing basis and are first hand pioneering the culture of Instagram and Mobile Photography.


The Jozi Instagramers love their city but also find the time to venture into nature to capture the beauty in and around the concrete jungle.


A beautiful city and exciting community! This community is always looking to go on the next adventure.


The Cape Town Instagramers love to walk during golden hour and where the ocean meets the shore. They are not strangers to finding new locations and seeing where they can get the next best shot.


An elegant and unique combination of Instagram meets historical beauty, the Boland Instagramers appreciate a glass of wine after a walk through the town.


The Overberg is not shy of beautiful scenery, from landscapes to pizza places and awesome wine routes, the Overberg community love their little trips into nature.


The University of Cape Town boasts an amazing space for learning, creative collaboration and all round awesome vibes. This community loves to explore the hidden parts of UCT in true Instagram style.


Mpumalange is full of diversity in it's beauty. An area that offers a flurry of wildlife, landscapes and unique scenes.


A chilled and relaxed community, they discover the essence of Durban by finding unique locations in their city. They also have a great coffee culture and ongoing interaction with Moses Mabida Stadium.


In a city known for creativity and amazing parties, the Instagramers in Grahamstown are continually seeing how they can grow the community not only in their city but in the entirety of South Africa.


The community in Garden Route are full of adventure and intriguing discovery. They may not have the biggest community, but they definitely do have some of the most passionate Instagramers in South Africa.


The Port Elizabeth community is our most recent addition to the Instagramers South Africa community. We're excited to see some amazing Instameets and a heart for urban rejuvenation come alive in this city.

How do I become a member of the Instagramers South Africa Community?
There are no requirements to join us on Instameets, just show up and take photos! If you'd like to join us with your DSLR you are also welcome, sometimes walking with Instagramers can give you a fresh perspective.
How do we find out about when the next Instameet is?
The best and easiest way to get the deets for Instameets is by following your relevant igers account which you can find above and check back with the account on a regular basis. Pop-up Instameets are announced only a few hours before we meet!
  • "Small mobile phone cameras are innocuous and enable a far greater intimacy with a subject." - Ben Lowy
  • “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow." – Imogen Cunningham
  • “I always thought good photos were like good jokes. If you have to explain it, it just isn’t that good." – Anonymous



If you're not familiar with the term, an "instameet" is when a group of Instagramers get together at a specific location to go take photos, these locations can range from beaches at the cost or the streets of your city. Each Instameet is unique and each person always walks away with a unique perspective.


We organise official instameets on a regular basis (and sometimes even pop-up instameets), be sure to follow your local community account for the deets.

If you have suggestions for instameet locations or if you'd like for us to help you organise an instameet in your city, pop us a message!




When a comment just doesn't cut it.


We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or compliments, we are continually growing and changing so if you have any ideas or feedback, do share.


We're always looking to expand Instagramers into cities where we don't yet have official communities. If you are a passionate Instagramer and would like to apply to be a ManIger of your city, please send us a message. Be sure to include your city, username and contact details in your mail.